Predators Health and Safety

Athletic Therapy

On Field Athletic Therapy for all 2022 Predators teams (every practice and game) is provided by Guelph Performance Fitness and Therapy

To provide the best medical care for all our players on the field, Waterloo Region Football has engaged Guelph Performance Therapy to provide onsite Athletic Therapy services. A Certified Athletic Therapist or Student Therapist will be present at every practice and game throughout the season. Every therapist is a trained First Responder, and can care for emergency conditions as they arise. The therapists are also there to provide early intervention to minor injuries and can assess injuries and provide advice on treatment, exercises, and stretches to prevent long-term injury. The qualifications required to be a therapist with the Predators greatly exceed the minimum requirements set by
Football Canada.

Please read more about the services Guelph Performance Therapy provides for our players.

Concussion Awareness & Protocols

One injury that we are constantly aware of is concussion. Each therapist is trained in the most up-to-date protocol for recognition and monitoring of sports related concussions. Every player will undergo a baseline test prior to contact practice. 

The player must also complete a stepwise return to play protocol, during practices, monitored by our team therapists.

Return to Play Protocol  

This protocol is in place to ensure the safety and high performance of all players, and must be followed before return tocompetition. There will be a minimum of 24 hours after the last sign or symptom before beginning protocol or progressing to the next stage. Full Return to Play Protocol Here