Predators 7v7

Registration Fee
$179 (includes equipment)
Age: Junior (13-15) Senior (16-19)
Saturdays Jan 13 - Mar 17
5pm - 9pm

Register Online Here

Looking for something fun to do this off season, stay active and keep your football skills sharp?
Introducing Predators 7v7 Tackle:  Indoor Winter Tournament.
That’s right, this is 7v7 with equipment!
The field is smaller, the play clock is shorter and the pace is faster!   No special teams, and no blitzing!

The Winter 7v7 Season is a 1 evening a week commitment and runs 10 weeks which includes-

6 weeks of regular round robin play
2 weeks of playoffs

WHY SHOULD YOU PLAY Predators 7V7?Starts Jan 13th and games run every Saturday at RIM park  between 5pm – 9pm

  • This is a great opportunity to play modified tackle football in the off-season with your team mates in a fun, yet competitive environment.
  • Players can rotate positions and make their own play calls. With less people on the field, it’s easier for players to develop and improve skills in reading the  field, reading the play and in execution.  More meaningful snaps per game for all players!
  • The 7v7 format means there are no special teams, so no open field hits.  By shrinking the field, it allows for less speed and less momentum on hits, and more focus on form and tackling one-on-one.
  • We include the big guys!! Our 7v7 program includes O-line and D-line players as blocking and tackling are part of the game!
  • This is a perfect introduction to full contact football to those players new to the sport.
  • And did we mention it's FUN!


Three offensive players must line up on the line of scrimmage. Three defensive players must be down lineman. Alignment is 2 more yards off the line of scrimmage. No stunting or twisting. Offensive motion in the backfield: one receiver may go in a forward motion before the snap.


4 x 8min quarters. 5 Minute Half Time


Number one reason is player safety. Injuries occur in non-contact sports as they do in contact sports. Studies have shown that if you intend to reduce injuries it is necessary to have proper equipment and training.
Players also wear the equipment to improve their range of motion in gear. The shoulder pads a lineman wears is different to those of a receiver or quarterback.  Reps taken in equipment will improve our players physical literacy overall. 
The most important component of tackling is the "fit-up" or how we approach a tackle to latch on to the runner. Creating opportunities like 7v7 tackle, with less players and less "gang tackling"  allows players to develop and refine their one-on-one tackling skills.


Football improves analytical ability by forcing players to understand strategy and spatial arrangements. Certain patterns work best for certain player rosters.  Newbies typically begin in football by executing plays called by the coach. If they play long enough however, athletes begin to understand why a play is called and why one player might replace another for particular plays. 
In 7v7 the players make the play calls!  This provides an opportunity to learn how to read the field, read the play and execute!

7v7 Tackle is ON TREND

USA Football recently announced in 2016 that the modified 7v7 tackle format is on their development pathway between flag and regular tackle football and is a first step in long-term athletic development for football players.  It is a way to advance how young athletes enjoy and learn the sport.


Players will be drafted after our 2018 Winter Combine and will be placed on teams to ensure equal size, ages and skill levels are evenly distributed. So we encourage all athletes to register for our Winter Combine here.    
It's FREE admission and 1st place winners in each event per age division will win Free 7v7 Registration. Overall MVP's will win Free Spring Predators registration.  Players who do not participate at the Winter Combine will be placed on a team after the first practice session. 

Friend Requests: We will also try to accommodate team friend requests as much as possible.
We will have 2 age divisions in our 7v7 Tackle house league
Junior 13-15 and Senior 16-19
Maximum 12 players per team.


Helmets, Shoulder pads, pants and jerseys will be provided and is included with your registration fee.
Additional personal items that may need to be purchased separately are:
Mouthguard $2
Knee Pads $6
Girdle $40
Chin Strap. $20
These items are available for purchase from us when you pick your equipment up.  When you register online, you can select whether you need any of these items, and we will have them available at lock up on equipment fitting day. 
Equipment fitting dates will be released at the end of November 2017.


Once registration closes and we have confirmed player numbers, we will issue the game schedule to all registrants, and upload it to our website.