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We are excited to announce Nick Andress as our 2021 Peewee Head Coach.
Having already established a championship track record as a Preds Atom Head Coach in the Fall Ontario Football League, Coach Andress and his staff are ready to bring their commitment to competitive excellence and athlete development to our Peewee Spring program.
“We plan on having a hard hitting, fast, disciplined team, that goes out every game and plays with their hearts on their sleeves”
Leading the youngest team in our Spring program, Coach Nick is primarily focused on fundamentals, intending to build on and improve players’ personal skills along with team development. “I hope our players are ready to come out to every practice to work hard, listen, learn and become a family, so that they can bring home the gold and call themselves Champs!”

Welcome back Coach!  We can’t wait to get the season started!




Coaching staff:

Offensive Coordinator / RB Coach : 

Defensive Coordinator / LB Coach: 

SC, QB , Kicker Coach

LC,  Oline/Dline Coach

Defensive Back Coach

Linebacker Coach:  

Dline Coach: 

Oline Coach:

Strength & Conditioning & WR/SB

Team Manager:  

Team Manager: 


Athletic Therapist

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