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Head Coach: Tyson Siddall

We are thrilled to introduce Tyson Siddall as our 2021 Spring Bantam Head Coach.
As a player, Coach Siddall started his football career in high school ball at WCI, earning 1st team all-star recognition 4 out of 5 seasons. His football skills propelled him to suit up with the University of Waterloo Warriors where he played D-Line for 3 years, becoming a proud member of the “big-man squad”.
Coach Siddall has dedicated himself to support the growth of football in Waterloo Region coaching with the Predators for many seasons in multiple capacities, with the goal of developing fundamentally sound athletes.
Embracing a simple yet effective coaching philosophy, Coach Siddall recognizes that “Each athlete is in control of three things every day of their lives; a positive attitude, their work ethic and determination. It is my hope that the team exudes these characteristics in a winning mindset, becoming Champions on and off the field”
We are excited to have Coach Sidall join us as head coach, bringing a fresh enthusiasm and extensive football IQ to continue to grow a winning, competitive Bantam football program.

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