Varsity Predators - 9 to 19 years old

2018 Predator Peewee Team

Peewee Predators 2018
Players Born 2006-2007
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Head Coach: Nick Gamble

Nick has been with our program for many years, not only as a coach but as a tireless volunteer putting in hours wherever needed, including at equipment fittings, coordinating our Spring and Winter flag programs and at many community events , promoting Waterloo Region Football.

"I, like many coaches, started out holding bags in practice and have since worked in various positions with the association’s many great programs. Football provides an opportunity for so many young players, of all shapes, sizes and experience levels, the opportunity to play hard and contribute to the success of the team. The camaraderie that grows between teammates, coaches and families over the season is what keeps my family and I coming back season after season."

"My coaching philosophy stresses the importance of development, hard work, respect, sportsmanship, team unity and a desire to compete. Development is the continued process of growing and progressing - even the pros are constantly developing and improving their skills. My coaches and I will be intentional in helping every player grow and develop as players, teammates and citizens on and off the football field."

Looking forward to an intense 2018. Go Preds!

Coaching staff:

Offensive Coordinator: Scott Brush

Defensive Coordinator: Shaun Booth

Assistant Coach: Aaron McComb

Assistant Coach: Wyatt Gamble

Assistant Coach: Connor Berg

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Shannon Booth

Team Manager:  Stacey Gamble

Assistant Manager:  Jennifer Mackenzie-Miller

Photographer: Kelley Putzu, Tavia Weber

Water Technician

Athletic Therapist

Team Roster