Varsity Predators - 9 to 19 years old

2018 Predator Bantam Team

Bantam Predators 2018
Players Born 2004-2005
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Head Coach: Cedric Thorne

"I am thankful for the opportunity to be Head coach of 2018 Bantam Predators Spring team,   my primary objective is to maximize the enjoyment, development and in turn potential of the individual player within the structure and objectives of the team.

Excited to coach again as a former CJFL, OUA and Predator JV coach I am happy to share my football knowledge in the community as I have done in the past with St. Mary's & Forest Heights high-schools in K-W"

Coaching Philosophy:

Cedric has adopted the philosophy implemented by Bill Walsh (Head Coach for '49ers)

"Treat each player as a unique person. Demonstrate sincere interest in each player. Gain the players'
confidence by working with each athlete to help him or her reach their full potential by enhancing their
level of abilities.
Determine how each player best responds to instruction (i.e., comprehends new information, maintains
his attention span, learns new materials, etc.). Be sensitive to and flexible with the players' moods and
demeanors while teaching and coaching.
Never limited players and coaching staff’s ability, teach discipline, commitment, dedication before
expecting it."  (The Winning Edge: ISBN 13: 9781582610719)

Coaching Staff

O-Line/D-Line Coach: Greg Brand

Receivers/Special Teams Coach:  Dillan Visser

Defensive Coordinator: Mike Milovick

LB/DB Coach: Brian Adams

Special Teams / O-Line: Cole Watson

Team Manager: Deanna Woodland

Athletic Therapist


Photographer:  Roxane Nicholson


Water Technician

Team Roster