Congratulations Coach Adrian Thorne!

BMO & Argos Coaches Award 

BMO and the Toronto Argonauts put a call out recently for nominations to recognize coaches who have made an impact in growing and developing the game of football in their school or community. The recipient of the award would be accompanied by his/her team to an Argonaut home game and be recognized for their efforts.
The coach selected will exemplify what the Argonauts stand for; Strong leadership in Football, a commitment to the improvement and safe play of football and he/she should demonstrate mentorship attributes that build football players with great character.
Twin Cities Football submitted a nomination for our Peewee Predators Head Coach Adrian Thorne who had just completed an undefeated season with the Peewee Predators team and the OFC championship. Our nomination letter follows:


We would like to nominate Coach Adrian Thorne for the BMO/Argos Community Coach award.  Coach Adrian, as a rookie coach, led the Twin Cities Predator Pee Wees (11 to 12 year olds) to an undefeated 7-0 Regular Season and a Provincial Championship.
What makes Coach Adrian unique and a solid candidate for this recognition is his unwavering focus on "winning as a team", "self-improvement/skill development" and "leadership."
He embodies the development aspect of youth football, working hard to ensure that all players on the team had the opportunity to participate in all games - with the philosophy of "we will win as a team, or we will lose as a team."  This is a rather unique approach in the competitive stream of football where some less-skilled players may not see a lot of playing time.
He also worked tirelessly to develop his athletes, providing options outside of practice for additional skill development.  Coach also challenged his players to do their personal best through extensive film study sessions.
Furthermore, in a predominantly run-based league, Coach Adrian installed an unprecedented "option" offense with a big focus on passing. Historically, the passing game is very limited at the pee wee age group.  Based on Coach's personal experience of playing CIS football at University of Waterloo as a wide receiver he challenged his players to develop their passing and receiving skill sets.  The results speak for themselves: His offense accumulated over 750 passing yards, 12 passing touch downs and amassed 287 points (nearly 100 points more than the second best team's offense).  The Pee Wee team developed some good football players, but it was through a tireless commitment to execution by Coach Adrian that led the team to its success.
With a commitment to "winning as a team" and "self improvement", the Pee Wee team was not only successful this year, but will have a strong foundation to build upon for next year.

"Players" Coach

Coach Adrian is known and loved by his athletes as a "player's coach."  On bus trips, he sat in the "players section" of the bus, routinely  leading and/or participating in his players' on-bus entertainment experience.  His laid back, easy-going approach though should not be confused for a lack of discipline.  Coach provided some great, life-learning opportunities for his players when conflict presented itself.  He is a fair, personable, lead-by-example coach that is loved by the Twin Cities Football organization.
In short, Coach Adrian is an exceptional coach.  His commitment to "winning as a team", "self improvement", "skill development" and strong leadership abilities have led to Coach's tremendous success. He exemplifies the attributes of what the Argonauts are looking for in this award.


The Toronto Argos very generously gave Twin Cities Football over 400 free tickets to the Aug 30 Argos game so that we could all be there to support Coach Adrian as he was presented with his award.  It was an awesome night and wonderful experience for all who were there!  Huge thank you to the Toronto Argos for recognizing and supporting minor football!!