2018 Spring Predators - Equipment Fitting Dates

Equipment fitting dates have been booked!  Please see the schedule below for each team.
REMINDER: You MUST be registered for Spring Preds to be fitted for equipment. If you are unable to register online, please contact our registrar Deanna Woodland to make alternate arrangements.

Senior Varsity
Sunday March 18 
9am - 11am (Surnames A-L)
11am - 1pm (Surnames M-Z)

Baseline Testing 10am - 1pm

Senior Varsity
Sunday March 25
9am - 11am (Surnames A-L)
11am - 1pm (Surnames M-Z)

Baseline Testing 10am - 1pm

Tuesday March 20th
6:30PM - 7:45 PM - (A - L)
7:45PM - 9:00 PM - (M - Z)

Wednesday March 21st
6:30PM - 7:45 PM  ( A - L)
7:45PM - 9:00 PM  (M - Z)
Thursday March 22nd
6:30PM - 7:45 PM  (A - L)
7:45PM - 9:00 PM  (M - Z)

Friday March 23
6:30PM - 7:45 PM - (A - L)
7:45PM - 9:00PM- (M -Z)






Baseline Concussion Testing is an important tool that is done pre-season and BEFORE stepping on a field to provide a snapshot of normal brain activity for all athletes and assists in diagnosing of potential concussions during the season. Baseline testing is mandatory and will be conducted for all REGISTERED players by our athletic trainers during equipment fitting times.
We are charged $10 per player for testing and we will cover this cost for all players.
However, players who do not get baseline tested at any of the 6 dates below will be charged $25 to have the test completed on the field at practice.
Atom and PeeWee players must be accompanied by an adult for the baseline test.
For players who already have equipment, you can get tested at ANY of the fitting dates above.

Lock Up Location

3 Hoffman St, Unit 7, Kitchener
We are at the back when you take the entrance at the end of Hoffman. Parking can be tight, particularly at fittings, so it sometimes easier to park at the left and walk back.

Important Note for New Players

While we provide most of the gear, personal items that can't be reused must still be purchased and is available at LockUp.
Mouth Guard $2
Girdle $40
Knee Pads $6
Hard Chin Strap $20

Take care of the gear as it can be used in consecutive seasons until you outgrow it.

Important Note for Returning Players

You MUST bring your chin strap to get fitted for a helmet or you will need to buy one for $20.
NO helmet can leave lock up without a chin strap.
PLEASE bring your girdle with you for fittings so we can get the proper pants sized correctly.

If you own other personal football equipment, (helmet/shoulder pads) it MUST be present at time of fitting. We need to make a record of your personal equipment for liability purposes. Helmets will not be released until we have verified and recorded your personal football equipment.

Payment Terms and Equipment Deposit

To purchase accessories, we accept cash, debit and credit but no cheques.
Please be prepared to provide a $450 security deposit , held in case equipment is not returned.
The deposit can be made by credit card or cheque. We don't actually process the deposit, we simply record your info or keep the cheque in case gear is not returned at the end of the program.