2018 AGM

Saturday Feb 23
5:00m - 7:00pm
Room 202

The Board of Directors invites all  Waterloo Region Minor Football members in good-standing to attend the upcoming AGM.

This is YOUR club! Have YOUR say! Ask questions!   Hope to see everyone there.

A Member is conisdered as:

  • a player who has attained the age of 18 years as at the December 1 immediately prior to the year for which the player has registered;
  • one parent or one guardian of a player less than 18 years of age as defined above;
  • Head coaches, assistant coaches and team managers

“Member in good standing” means a Member who, as at the November 30, 2018
i. has paid all required fees, charges and expenses due and owing;
ii. has returned to the equipment manager all WRMFA equipment; and
iii. has no unresolved disciplinary issues.


All members must sign in at the door.


1.Call to Order

2. Acceptance of the Agenda

3. Acceptance of Minutes from 2017 AGM

4. President’s Message (M. Ladouceur)

5. 2018 Financial Report (F.Sargeant)

6. Nomination of Auditor for 2019 “Motion to appoint Des Gibb to be the association’s chartered accountant for 2019.”

7. Nomination of Legal Council for 2019. “Motion to appoint Darrell Hawreliak as the association’s legal counsel for 2019.”

8. Thank you to the 2018 Board of Directors. 

9. List of nominations for Board of Directors for 2019 have all acclaimed positions.

The 2019 Directors are as follows:
● Mark Sichewski
● Melissa Ladouceur
● Jennifer Mackenzie-Miller
● Jason Mank
● Sharon Dahmer
● Maxine Watson
● Brendan Conway
● Frank Sargeant
● Deanna Woodland
● Lauren Balzer
● Matthew Price

10. New Business